This post is to discuss few of the interesting concepts I read in the Holy Quran today.

  • I always assumed that this holy book or Muslim religion in general dictates that only Muslims will be allowed to enter heaven. I was so wrong. The Holy book states clearly that God is Most Gracious, we dont know which act of kindness or good deed will touch Allah’s heart and he will reward the person with all the benefits that one deserves as per his/her deeds or virtue of living, in this life and after life. This is irrespective of the religion followed by a person. It clearly states that Allah created the entire mankind and when we all are his children. So when HE looks after all of us, and loves all of us then why would he punish a human for something he has no control over. ( family/religion). This makes sense practically as well. Let’s use the analogy of a teacher and students. A (true) teacher will ever fail his student just because  his/her color, caste, nationality and gender


  • Another misconception was cleared, I believed that girls are considered as liability or that girls are given less privileges. The holy Quran not only give Female child equal rights but also provide higher status than sons. It clearly states, parents of a girl child that provides good education, moral upbringing and religious virtues will be granted heaven. We can accurately state that Quran has given higher preference to upbringing of a daughter d vs a son. People may argue that in general life Muslims don’t do what is written above.  Yes, they might but that is not what the Holy Quran promotes. Human err, this may be because of lack of understanding the holy scripture or due to lack of education in general or planing because they don.t abide by the teachings of the Holy text.
  • Prophet (may peace be upon him), gave “Salaam” to children that he came across and loved them immensely. He stated that children should be loved, kissed and hugged. This creates a stronger bond between them. (parents and child)

Some people may argue  that being truthful, frank, friendly or compassionate with one’s child might lead the child to be stubborn, brat or disobedient. As per Prophet Mohammad(PBUH), this is wrong. He states that by being friendly, compassionate and lenient with a child along with the usage of little strictness will enable the child to behave responsibly. On using the combination of love and strictness, will not only set the foundation of this relationship but will also inform the child that parents be strict if the child misbehaves. It is rightly said, too much of anything is bad. Hence, too much strictness will negatively impact the relationship between the child and the parents. On the other hand, over-friendliness will spoil children. Balance between the two is needed for quality upbringing and mental development.


So far, I can say that I loved what I read and it coincides with my spiritual believes regarding GOD


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