1st Post

2016- My first Ramadan-First day

Woke up early to perform my first fast. I did prepare myself by getting familiar with the rules, dos and don’ts for performing prayers and reading the Holy Quran and Timetable for this month. I must say first day wasn’t as hard as other people have advised me. I did experience few minor hunger pangs but nothing out of the ordinary or unbearable. I am assuming that this was because I ate well for Sehri, drank enough water to begin the fast, paid more attention to the content (Namaz and holy Quran) I read and also because my niyat was strong. (intentions)

I wasn’t able to read much today. But here is what I found from the way they performed prayer.

  • Just like any monotheistic religion. It praises the Almighty in their prayers, asks for strength to follow righteous path, asks for forgiveness and ask for rewards. I liked praying as it helped me sum up everything that I want at this stage of my life. I want patience, strength, a safe place and hope.
  • One has to fully covered from head to toe (both men and women) and should be clean. (same as most religion)
  • Fasting doesn’t mean avoiding food and water alone. It means that one has to abstain himself from all the bad activities, such as smoking, drinking, cursing, gossiping, anger, laziness, selfishness etc. Gossip is a very hard to avoid because everyone around us in these days have complains and jealousy that ignites gossip. When I realized that I was gossiping, I literally told the other person that I am sorry as I cannot participate anymore. Does everyone face this problem?
  • One should help poor and needy as much as he can to obtain God’s benevolence. This is same as any other religion and I truly believe that God repays you better if you help someone. An act of good deed goes a long way. (will share my experiences in some other post)

On completion of my first fast, I must say I felt light and energetic. My soul feels a little nourished and I am excited for my journey ahead.





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