The Holy Book guides us not only to Honor one’s parents both in thoughts, and speeches, and behavior but also require fulfillment of duties and responsibilities towards them. And in doing so one should be polite, patient and selfless. After this it informs us to have amiable relationship with siblings, relatives and orphans. It is also said that one should talk politely with people irrespective of their color, cast and creed. After performing these duties one is also asked to pray Namaz and give Zakat.

If we see the order of guidelines provided by Almighty to his true followers we can correctly say that it is utmost important for a person to be humble, caring and be affectionate towards mankind in general. Once we have implemented these qualities in our life it is then that our prayers and philanthropy will be deemed acceptable to Allah.  He is All- Knowing, you can only fool people and yourself with your pretentious nature but not HIM.

If you cannot be kind to human beings how will your pretentious act of kindness be accepted by your GOD? Your Namaz and Zakat is of no good for you if you fail to perform your basic responsibilities towards your parents.

It seriously breaks my heart to see parents living on streets or in old age homes when their kids are still alive. I cannot understand why is it so hard for children these days to provide three times meal and a roof over their (parents) head. I cannot even fathom, how can a child ask/make his parents to leave the house? How can they eat when their parents are struggling for a bite of bread? How can they sleep when their parents are crying their eyes out for their children? How can they dress/ shop/spend money on luxury when their parents are living a life of nomad or beggars? How are they not afraid of GODs anger?

And after doing this they expect GOD to accept there Namaz and ZAKAT. Every religion emphasize that one has to perform his duties towards parents, keep them happy and talk to them respectfully in order to be accepted as a loyal worshipper.  It is so sad to see the plight of old parents. Parents spend their entire adult life working for their children, loving them and fulling their needs and desires but when parents need love and respect, children give them a cold shoulder.

I understand that at old age people tend to be stubborn and demanding but so what? Your parents didn’t send you to orphanage when you were stubborn, irritating, demanding, irresponsible, disrespectful, ungrateful and even when you were unethical. If they can bear your weight for minimum of 18 years, then why can’t you do the same for them?

I HATE people who perform acts of charity for outsiders but fail to take care of their parents. I know they are Jahanumi (hell dwellers)  and will face GOD’s wrath. I get stressed and tear comes rolling when I see old people struggling to survive in this age. I feel hatred towards their children, I Do. If I can be sympathetic towards an outsider why can they can be sympathetic towards their own parents.

I would like to request everyone to love their parents, be kind to them, spend time with them and respect them. People who give excuse of money, you can cut on your materialistic expenses such as branded stuff, gadgets, expensive automobiles and luxury items. Trust me you won’t die without these thing. Rather this will free you from stress, useless spending, vicious cycle of upgrading things and in turn will give you peace and a healthy life.

Please keep in mind that both their “Dua” and “baddua” is answered by Allah. So if not for love but for Allah’s sake take care of your parents. This is the best charity that you can do.


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