Black Magic


I have read The Holy Quran earlier but it was mainly reading, I didn’t perform through research on it. As I was selfish and just wanted to reap benefits of reading entire Holy Quran in the month of Ramadan. So you can say I breezed through it.  But this time as I am at home I am trying to dig into the details. Like the circumstances surrounding a revelation of a verse, historic references made in the verse and practicality of them.

I have always been fascinated by unseen and unknown. I like to read topics of mysticism.

So when in the verse a reference to magic was made, I dug into it and found something new that I never heard from any Muslim friend or on any medium available to me. In Surah Al-Baqarah, there is a verse in which reference to Prophet Solomon exist and I have never heard about Prophet Sulaiman/Solomon (AS), not that I can recall.

Prophet Sulaiman(AS)was the wise prophet and king. He came after Prophet Moses (AS). During the time of revelation of this verse, there was a misconception about Prophet Solomon being a sorcerer, people believed that he used black magic and hence they rejected him as a Prophet. In this Surah, Allah revealed information that cleared the name of Prophet Sulaiman.  Prophet Sulaiman (AS) was bequeathed with powers over all living things, mankind and Jinns; and Satan (Shaitan) wanted to take away this power from him.  These powers were given by Allah to him in the form of a ring.

Shaitan was aware of the fact that Prophet Sulaiman used to take out this ring before answering the call of nature and hand it over to a female servant name Al-Jaradah. So he shape-shifted himself as Propht Mohammed and claimed the ring from her. When Prophet came back after relieving himself he asked her for the ring and was accused of being imposter. He kept quiet as he knew this was his test from his beloved Allah.

Shaitan on getting these new powers plotted a plan to defame and discredit the Prophet. The devils wrote down books on black magic and gave it to mankind, who used it for evil purposes. This is how black Magic came into existence.

But when Allah Tala reinstated Prophet Sulaiman’s Kingdom, Prophet Sulaiman(AS)  gathered all the writing on Black magic and placed them under his Throne. It was buried with Allah’s name written on it, this made books inaccessible to Jinns/devils as they use to burn on touching these scriptures. After Prophet’s death a devious plan was hatched by Shaitan which served him in two ways. Firstly, he was able to defame Prophet and secondly, it was successful in spreading black magic.

As per the plan devil came to mankind in the shape of a human and made the allegation that Prophet Sulaiman was a sorcerer and as a proof he informed them of the black magic books under Prophet’s throne. He led the people to dig under Prophet Sulaiman’s (AS) throne. Not only this devil tempered with the writings and added sorcery material t these book which will enable mankind to fulfill different desires.




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