Hind bint `Utbah


Another historic topic that I never heard about. Today while reading Surah Ali-Imran I came across Battle of Badr so I started researching about it and one thing led to another and I ended up reading about Hind.

I can understand the hatred she had for Hamzah as he killed her father `Utbad, her uncle Shaibah, her son Hanzalah and her brother Al-Walid during the battle of Badr but I was shocked at her act of vengeance. It gave me shivers just reading about it. I cannot even contemplate the pain Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) might have felt on seeing the mutilated body of Hamzah during aftermath of Battle of Udhu.

On reading further I came to know that Hind accepted Islam after years of animosity for Prophet (PBUH) and Muslims. This fascinated me, I wondered what Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) must have said and done, how this came about?  So I did a little digging in.

It is said that when Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) opened Mecca for people to pay homage to Islam, Hind also came. She was completely veiled but Prophet recognized her based on the questions she asked. What was impressing that when asked she didn’t deny or pretended to be someone else. This showed her true intention, she came forward to ask forgiveness from Allah. But it was far more astonishing when I read that Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) didn’t get angry or acted harshly. He continued paying homage to other women. This tells us a lot about Islam and Prophet. Prophet didn’t let his personal feelings get in between his deen and duties. He continued with this services in a polite and pleasing manner with no depression or hatred. He didn’t give an opinion let alone passing judgement. This makes my heart heavy and happy at the same time. This is the religion which is so forgiving, only if people (Believers and Non-Believers) nowadays could just understand the core of this religion. One can see how great the Almighty is, HE forgives whom he wishes. Truly! Allah accepts repentance.


Before finishing todays post I would like to say that it hurts me when some Muslims now days pass their judgement on Hind. How can they? Do they think they are superior to their Nabi? When Prophet Mohammad(PBUH) didn’t deem himself fit to decide what should happen to her and left the matters to Allah then what makes them think they can? And people who are fighting over whether she will go to Jannat (Heaven) or Jahanum (Hell) are so dumb and stupid. Who are they to judge on this? How can they call themselves Muslim?

When I being a non-muslim can understand the simple fact that All-mighty knows better and he can give Jannat to whomever he wishes, it’s HIS will and Its only HIS prerogative. Then why can’t some Muslims understand this? If they did, they would not argue over Jannat and Jahanum.





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