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In Islam: Man vs Woman

hjhToday’s reading was a food for thought. I read that testimony of two female witness is equal to one male witness and also that the right to give divorce is in the hand of man. I got mad last time when I came to know about this concept.

But today, I feel I am much more understanding and rational and not close minded. So on reading this, I wonder why could this has been and I was able to answer my own question by looking at my personal behavior and experiences.

The All- Knowing knew that women are most loving and caring species and they can be easily emotionally blackmailed/ persuaded by people they love. So a woman might give a false testimony under pressure. (love/anger/ fear) On the other hand man is much more rational and will not bend himself just to please someone or will succumb under pressure. If we look around mothers are much more likely to forgive his child for a wrongdoing but a father will definitely make sure that same mistake is not repeated again.

If we look around, female act on impulses. If they get mad they will react immediately and mostly irrationally out of emotional outburst. I cannot even count the times I broke off my relationship just because I was upset regarding (even) trivial things, things that may or may not have to do with the person.  But once I calm down, I realized how stupid it was and end up apologizing. (I am lucky to have him as he doesn’t take it to heart and he understands that I act stupidly when I am mad). Whereas men are less likely to take a big decision on an impulse. They invest time on the issue, deal with their turmoil (within themselves) for a decent amount of time before taking a drastic step.

I feel weird but I do understand the logic behind this rule. I myself may end up lying for my loved ones but never to harm others. And it is highly possible that a woman might falsely attest to a fact out of jealousy, anger etc.

I know this might annoy feminists or people with different rationale. Please note that it’s just an opinion, so take a chill pill.



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